If you face any issues while using iPhone SMS Backup App, kindly check below frequently asked questions

For Mac Users
For Windows Users

If you are having Windows Computer, connecting iPhone to Windows PC via WiFi network is complex. To make it simple for Windows PC users, we have developed easy to use Desktop Version of iPhone SMS Backup.

Desktop version is FREE for App users and can be downloaded from "Downloads" section of this website

Note: If you are using Desktop version, you don't have to do anything in the SMS Backup iPhone App

Please take fresh backup of your iPhone to computer using iTunes and then try again.

For Mac users

If you are facing connection issue, make sure that you do below things

  • Enable Remote Login in your Mac. To check open "System Preferneces" in your Mac and then go to "Sharing" "
  • Your iPhone and Mac should be connected to same WiFi network
  • You should Enter IP address of your Mac. ( Don't enter IP address of ISP - Internet service provider)

To establish connection between iPhone and Mac computer, you need to have IP address, User Name and Password for your Mac. If your Mac doesn't have password, create one. Also you can use Mac version of SMS Backup, which doesn't require user name or password.

Please Use Desktop version which Doesn't require WiFi connection

Please take fresh backup of iPhone to your Computer using Latest iTunes Software. Try again after taking fresh backup